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Our 1951 Mack has been restored but we still need equipment for it.  Click here for information on the Mack in May BBQ Fundraiser.

The Mack returned home on September 20, 2016 – click here to see the news article. Thanks again to everyone for their continued support!

In 1951, Packanack Lake Fire Company #5 was 9 years young and after operating with two donated “hand-me-down” fire trucks, money was raised to purchase a new apparatus, a 1951 Mack Model 75-A pumper. This truck served Co. #5 from 1951 to 1966 when it was replaced with a larger pumper truck. After leaving Packanack Lake, the ’51 Mack saw service as a fire brigade pumper for the General Electric plant in Lynn, Massachusetts. It then made it’s way to Vermont, residing at a saw mill, another volunteer fire company, and finally at a farm–having never been placed in service again.

Our Mack comes home

Our Mack as found in a Vermont barn
Our Mack as found in a Vermont barn

In April 2007 the current owner of the Mack, needing space in his barn, tracked down Co. #5 as the original owner and called to ask if we wanted the truck back. Although we weren’t looking for an antique to restore, we could not pass up the opportunity to reclaim our first new apparatus. We feel the ’51 Mack can represent Fire Co. #5’s commitment to tradition and our dedication & service to the community. Our dream has been to restore the ’51 Mack to it’s original condition in honor of not only the history of Fire Co. #5 but also of Packanack Lake itself.

To raise the necessary funds to restore the ’51 Mack we have conducted various fund raisers. We will not use money collected during our annual fund drive for this purpose.




Thanks to your donations, the restoration is almost complete!

1951 mack on trailerWith the help of our friends at Aim Tank Services in Wayne, we brought our beloved Mack home. Through your generous donations we have just about restored the truck to it’s original glory. We are in the process of building a shelter next to our firehouse as a permanent home for this Packanack Lake classic.


In the coming weeks, we will post more pictures of the Mack as we found it, the entire restoration process, and ultimately unveil the fully restored truck to the public.